Take Action: Do you need a fair workweek?

Take Action to Support Fair Workweek!

Take Action to Support Fair Workweek!

Retail, Hospitality, and Restaurant workers -

Have you ever started a job with the promise of steady work and a predictable paycheck only to find that you get left off the schedule or short-changed on hours for weeks at a time?

Has your employer ever asked you to work a closing shift until late at night and an opening shift early the next morning, with no time to sleep in between?

Are you struggling to get enough advance notice of your schedule to coordinate school pick-up for the kids, or to sign up for that night class you needed to graduate, or just to plan the rest of your life?

Unfortunately, the answer for most workers in those industries is yes. That's why we need our legislators to step up and take action!

We need to pass “An Act relative to the scheduling of employees” (S.1110 and H.3384), The Fair Workweek Bill, because all Massachusetts workers deserve the chance to build stable lives for themselves and their families, but for many, erratic work schedules make stability almost impossible. Hours can be assigned arbitrarily at an employer’s discretion and changed with no advance notice, leaving workers to cope with fluctuating paychecks and constant problems coordinating child and elder care, second and third jobs, and further education or professional development. Women, people of color, and low-wage workers are the most impacted. 

You can find out more about the campaign at https://fairworkweekma.com.

There will be a hearing on this legislation today at the State House, BUT we know that a four-hour hearing in the middle of a weekday doesn't work for most folks' schedules!

If you still want to make your voice heard, please sign the petition to support this legislation here. There's also a place write in your experiences with scheduling -- we hope you'll share those with us.

Personal stories are critical to getting elected officials to see the human cost of unstable hours and paychecks for their constituents. If you would like to share your story directly with legislators (either in person or in writing), or want to get more involved going forward, please contact Gillian Mason (gillian@massjwj.net or 617-470-7409) for more information!

Sarah Block