Monique Nguyen, Executive Director of Matahari Women Workers Center

My name is Monique Nguyen and the Executive Director of Matahari Women Workers Center representing over 1,100 Massachusetts women working in low wage industries who are domestic workers, childcare providers, restaurant and hospitality workers. I am here in support of the act relative to the scheduling of employees (S 1110 and H 3809)

As one of the organizations who worked heavily to pass the domestic workers bill in 2014, an invisibility we had to overcome -- was that all workers are part of families that depend on them too -- parents with children and sons and daughters of aging parents -- all workers depend on stability in their workplaces to ensure stability in the home. 

The provisions in this bill are a step forward to provide the basic dignity for families to not only plan for the next two weeks but to plan for the future, ins and out of child and elder care, 2nd and 3rd jobs to make ends meet, and even when they get to share a family meal, to being there for graduations and birthdays, and saving for the future.

In addition, Matahari is part of The Care That Works campaign, along with Best Hospitality, Brookview House, Building Pathways, Greater Boston Labor Services, New England United for Justice, SEIU 1199, SEIU 509, are finding that we are in a childcare crisis and there are major gaps in affordable childcare, particularly for workers who have non-standard work schedules. More and more workplace schedules are becoming unsustainable -- the demands of commerce are having businesses run around the clock and force workers to choose to work or stay home to care for their children due to lack of access to care. Childcare providers are sharing that they are having to extend hours of their operations to meet the needs of working families. These extended hours come at an additional cost (of $20/hr to $100) per day in fees that cut into the already low wages of workers. Without interventions such as this, we are supporting the growth of a segment of families who have no choice but to stay home to care for families VS working. Our economy needs people working in good and fair jobs. 

Please vote in favor of (S 1110 and H 3809)