My name is Yessenia Prodero,  I live in Stoneham Massachusetts and I support bill number S.1110.

Currently,I have two part-time jobs. I work 30 hours a week as a lead organizer for Massachusetts Interfaith Worker Justice and 2, 8 hour shifts a week as a crew member at Trader Joe’s in Somerville. I have been working for Trader Joe’s since July 2018 and for MIWJ since February of this year. When I received the job offer from MIWJ I was able to talk to my bosses at Trader Joe’s openly about my second job and request a reduction of my hours.

Trader Joe’s adheres to a fair workweek for all employees. I have chosen to continue working with them because of the flexibility they provide in the schedule and of course for the additional income. I receive my schedule 2 weeks in advance, I always have at least 11 hours between shifts to rest, my schedule has never been changed last minute,  and I am able to request specific hours without fear of retaliation from my employer. Another benefit is that my schedule along with the almost 100 employees are posted on the DayForce app. In case I need switch shifts with a co-worker I am able to do so quickly and efficiently. Flexible, predictable, and stable hours at Trader Joe’s allow me to balance both jobs and my personal life.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak.